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Asimio is a website that provides a wealth of valuable information for anyone in the market to list or locate rental properties.Whether you have a single-family rental home, townhouse, condo, vacation homes or multi-complex apartment building owner looking to rent your property,Asimio allows you to post unlimited standard listings as well as search for rental properties for free!

Asimio For Renters

Not only can you search thousands of rental properties quickly and easily nationwide and locally, we also arm you with all the necessary information and resources (rental agreement, rental laws, moving help, etc. ) you need to make your smart choice and hopefully move into that next dream house of yours! Go ahead, try our easy-to-use interface -- search, compare and print flyers with a click of a mouse.

By the way, as a registered user, you can create your own profile, interact with other users, save favorite listings, and create custom searches and we will send it to your inbox. Register - It's FREE!

Asimio For Property Owners

Whether you are paying per lease or per subscription, aren't you paying too much? At Asimio, we believe rental property owners should not have to pay an arm and a leg just to fill a vacancy. Say goodbye to those websites, Asimio is here to set the bar for rental property sites.

As a registered rental property owner with Asimio, you can add unlimited standard listings for FREE with four photos, two floor plans, printable flyers, maps, unlimited descriptions and your property will be distributed to our partner sites. Your property will stay active in our database for sixty days unless you change its status. Should you wish to extend it, you can do so easily through our Listing Manager Center. We also offer additional services where we charge a minimal fee on a "a-la carte" basis. The prices on these add-on services vary per offering. Please check back for further details.

What are you waiting for? Register with Asimio now and let us start marketing your properties for free! Remember, whether we fill your vacancy or not, you don't owe us anything! Property owners with more than ten (10) properties, please contact our Sales and Marketing Dept. for assistance.

How we Make Money

Asimio generates revenue through sponsorship, advertisements, affiliate programs and our "a-la-carte" services on listings. If you would like to advertise or partner with us, please contact our Sales and Marketing Dept.

To learn more about Asimio, please do not hesistate to contact us.